Specialty Roofs: Copper, Slate, and Pre-Painted Metal

Specialty roofing compositions require special care, and their installations are different than traditional compositions, such as shingles. The expert team at Alexandria Roofing has extensive knowledge and experience with the following specialty roofs:

  • Copper: More and more people in our area are choosing copper roofs for their magnificent curb appeal and durability. A copper roof may last 50+ years, gently turning from its original bright copper coloration to a blue-green patina. If you are in the market for an energy efficient roof, copper may pique your interest. Copper reflects light, helping you control heating and cooling costs.
  • Slate: Slate can be difficult to work with, but our team knows how to handle it! Slate is a beautiful roofing option, offering a high-end appearance. Some slate lasts more than 150 years, because slate lasts so long, less of it goes into landfills. Slate is also naturally fireproof!
  • Metal: Classic metal roofs have been romanticized for years, and many people have heard the phrase “rain on a metal roof”. Metal offers a charming, eloquent, rustic appeal, and it is often a cost-effective roofing solution that offers a longevity of 20 years or greater. Metal is lightweight and installation is quick. Metal is resistant to fire, mildew, and rot, and it helps you save money by reflecting the sun’s rays.
  • Pre-Painted Metal: Pre-painted metal roofs are on the rise in our area due to their advantages, including energy efficiency, visual appeal, and being maintenance-free. A pre-painted metal roof can stand up to all degrees of weather while resisting fire, mildew, rot, termites, and pests.

As a long running premier roofing company in our area, we hope you’ll consider us for your specialty roofing job.

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