5 Roof Maintenance Tips for Spring!

  1. Visual inspection: Now that winter is over, check your roof for snow or ice damage.  Make sure there are no missing or loose shingles, damaged flashing or vents.  If something doesn’t look right, take note.
  2. Gutter cleaning: Make sure there are no leaves or debris in your gutters.  Heavy and filled gutters can cause leaks and […]

Why we don’t use Subcontractors

At Alexandria Roofing, we never use subcontractors. We believe that the best roofing comes from trained in-house teams, like ours!

Our team includes licensed, insured, trained, and highly experienced professional roofing specialists who have been with us for years. They are full-time employees with a commitment to Alexandria Roofing, and our customers.

The quality of craftsmanship offered […]

What Should People Know When Looking For Roof Replacement?

For business and home owners, facing a roof replacement can be intimidating. Here are the few things you should know.

  • Licensed & Insured
    Per state laws and regulations, roofing companies must be licensed and insured. Licensing means that a company has fulfilled lawful regulations and has completed the minimum requirements for being in its industry. […]